Spotlight Series: Ashley Wise of Battling B.A.R.E.

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Providing a support system and encouragement for individual families affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Ashley Wise's reason for launching Battling B.A.R.E., a non‐profit organization which offers a network of support for spouses, children and family members who struggle with the burden of PTSD resulting from service in the Armed Forces.

Being a military wife, Ashley knows firsthand what it can be like managing the effects of PTSD with a loved one. Her husband, having been deployed to war numerous times suffers from the disorder. He once had an episode in which he flashed back to a fight he had at war in which he broke a man's nose, reliving it so vividly he remembers smelling exactly what he smelled in the moment, but during this particular incident he broke his own wife's nose.

Distraught at what happened, the couple sought help from every source they could think of and got inattention in return. It was then that Ashley, acting out of heartfelt desperation figured out one last thing to do to show how much this issue meant to her. She wrote a poem on her bare back and photographed the poem on herself as she held her husband's rifle above her head. It was an action that gave birth to her movement Battling B.A.R.E. She created a Facebook group and other women suffering from similar circumstances began to post pictures of their own messages written on their bare backs.

To date her group has over 46,000 members and has gained media attention globally. For Ashley however it's more about providing a service that women can turn to at any time. Ashley feels that her husband's PTSD isn't the only major incident that has contributed to this movement. She lost her father to AIDS when she was 5 and was in an abusive relationship for some years. These and a handful of other traumatic events have added to her experience with PTSD.

In the meanwhile Ashley completed her certification to become a Master Coach through the Burris Institute with Subconscious Restructuring, and she hopes to bring this coaching element to Battling B.A.R.E. She is excited to find new ways of helping others get through the dark tunnel of trauma and back into living their normal life. It is the passion that drives her work in the organization.

For more information on Ashley Wise and to learn more about Battling B.A.R.E. Inc. connect with her on her RocketHub profile.

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