Niels Houtepen, Creative Director of Just Media Group: “I’d Love To Hear Al Gore’s Opinion About Donald Trump”

On October 4th, Inspiration360 takes place at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Possibly the most inspiring event of the year, Inspiration360 will welcome dedicated, experienced and passionate guest speakers who will captivate through sharing knowledge and experience. Guest speakers include serial entrepreneur Richard Branson, survival expert Bear Grylls, and former Vice President of the United States Al Gore.

RocketHub spoke with Niels Houtepen, Creative Director of Just Media Group, a full-service media company which produces, creates and distributes content through print, broadcast television, radio, the internet, and more. Just Media Group did not only create the concept of Inspiration360, they are also producing the event: "I would love to here Al Gore's opinions about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the USA..."

If you could pass on a message to RocketHub members about Inspiration360, what would it be?
"Our dream is to create a completely new way of consuming inspirational content. Inspiration360 will be an entertaining night out with information as most important driver, but it will be presented like a pop concert. Every part of the event is there to give the story of our speakers the stage that it deserves. This is the next level."

Inspiration360 is hosted by AFAS Software. What role does Just Media Group have in all this?
"Partner of Inspiration360 is AFAS Software, which aims to inspire entrepreneurs. Together with Quality Bookings, Just Media Group created the concept and we are producing the event."

You are the Creative Director of Just Media Group. What do your responsibilities entail?
"As Creative Director, I focus on developing new content for Just Media Group. I create new cross-over entertainment concepts and I build bridges between consumers and brands."

How much time goes into organizing a big event like Inspiration360?
"It takes a lot of time, effort, and good project management skills to plan and organize a big event like Inspiration360. For the company and other stakeholders, it's a running production for at least nine months. It's hard work, but I'm confident it will all be worth it."

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far regarding to Inspiration360?
"First, it was to convince the speakers. Of course, Branson, Grylls, and Gore all have lots of experience speaking in front of a crowd. But for them, this "inspirational night out" is a new concept as well, so it took some convincing to get them onboard. The second biggest challenge was to get people excited to attend Inspiration360. As the new kid in town, it took some time to connect and get our message out there."

Inspiration360 will welcome Richard Branson, Bear Grylls, and Al Gore. Who are you most excited to see/listen to, and why?
"We have a fourth key-note speaker, Anita Elberse from The Netherlands. Elberse is a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She is a leading expert on the entertainment, media and sports sectors. She will give a speech about the secret of success of big brands in the entertainment industry. I am looking forward to hearing her story, but also I'm very excited to hear Richard Branson. In my opinion, he is a living legend."

If you could ask this guest speaker one single question. What would you ask, and why?
"I would love to hear Al Gore's opinions and thoughts about who will be the next president of the USA."

For many, Richard Branson is the ultimate entrepreneur. Which entrepreneurs do you admire, and why?
"John de Mol Jr., he is the founder of Talpa Media Group and heads the creative process within the organization. During his career, which spans more than 35 years, De Mol has received many Dutch and international media awards, including the 2004 Golden Rose for lifetime achievement at the Lucerne Festival and in 2013 a primetime Emmy Award for The Voice. He reshaped the world of television more than once and he has conquered the world with his TV formats."

"I am also intrigued by Tony Robbins, an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author. He inspired so many people around the world an he single-handedly made himself into a brand while becoming exponentially more successful."

The guest speakers are all linked to Dutch top hosts. What can visitors expect of these hosts?
"I believe a great interview is like a great sports game. You won't let a football player play three different matches on the same night. That is why we will welcome several hosts during this evening. They don't need to host the whole show, they will focus on just one interview each. We will have not just one, but three top notch well-known TV presenters to host the evening."

Inspiration360 will focus on adaptability; economies are changing, profit models are transformed and the climate is changing. Companies can't just make a profit, individuals are looking for meaning and instead of just taking we must start giving back to the planet. How are you making a difference?
"Inspiration360 is collaborating with The WakaWaka Foundation (wakawaka means "shine bright" in Swahili), an internationally operating non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. They do great work all over the world, especially for families in crisis areas including Haiti, Syria, West-Africa, The Philippines and Nepal."

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