Louise Hewlett, Managing Director of SubHub: “It Feels Good Helping Others Profit From Their Passion”

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to build a subscription publishing business, an individual expert seeking to profit from your knowledge, or an organization seeking to better share information with members, SubHub can make it happen. RocketHub spoke with Louise Hewlett, Managing Director of SubHub, about the services that SubHub offers, the clients that they work with and the challenges she faces.

So what exactly is SubHub?
Hewlett explains: “SubHub is a website building tool, with added subscription, e-commerce and community features. It's basically a platform that enables users to build and manage their own membership website without needing any prior experience of web development."

“We have many different users signed up to SubHub – from aspiring entrepreneurs to more established organizations looking to manage their site in-house rather than outsource it."

SubHub supports both clients who need help with the design of their website and clients who need assistance maintaining their already existing website. Hewlett explains: “Some of our clients are happy to sign up and use one of our free templates, while others may have their own design team on hand to help. Around half of our users have customized their sites with a new design, either a full custom design service or template upgrade so our team are on hand to help them launch their site with a design suited for them and their audience."

According to Hewlett, the platform is very easy to use. Once a new user completes their trial membership, they might receive some initial support from the SubHub team and online materials after which they are good to go and manage their site without needing any extra support.

We asked Hewlett if users are able to easily update their own content onto their website. “Absolutely, one of our main aims is to enable users to have full control over their site, and add content without needing any help from the support team. Many of our clients moved to SubHub because they grew tired of waiting for their development agency to make expensive updates to their site. We want to empower our clients to be able to log in to their site 24/7 and post content when needed."

Although SubHub is not the only company who offers subscription software, Hewlett feels that SubHub differentiates itself from its competitors. “Our product is comparable to our competitors; we have many of the same features, and our prices are pretty comparable. But the biggest difference is the support we provide to new and existing users, either via the support desk, or by phone. We encourage all our trialists to book a demo with the team, and speak with us about their requirements before they sign up. This gives us an opportunity to hear their ideas and offer suggestions and feedback to help them get started. Our support is very personal, we care and spend time looking after our customers."

When building a website, you obviously want your website to be up and running as soon as possible. We asked Hewlett how long it normally take her clients to set up their website with SubHub; “We've seen some sites launch a few days after the site owner has upgraded their trial – everyone has 14 days to try out the platform and start uploading content, so for some this is enough time to get the site ready. Usually projects take longer if the site is being redesigned, or the client does not have the content ready – so this would be a great way to save time, be prepared."

Hewlett has been working at SubHub for several years now. When asked what she likes best about her job, Hewlett answered: “Hands down it would have to be building relationships with our end users. Working with a client from the day they make the initial enquiry call, to the day when their site is launched. Helping people convert their ideas into reality is a major part of my role at SubHub and something I enjoy immensely."

Hewlett continues: “In addition to project management, I also still enjoy the customer support side of my job – many of our clients are new to website management, so rely on our support. It feels good to be able to share my knowledge and experience to assist someone else to make a success of their business."

Over the years, Hewlett has welcomed clients and assisted people from different markets and industries. When asked for that one valuable piece of advice that she usually shares with people who are looking to set up or redesign their company's website, Hewlett answers: “When we ask this question to our current clients, they would all say 'research' and I would have to agree. Even if this is a completely new idea, with no competitors to compare your idea with, you will still need to establish who your target audience will be and make clear plans based on this research, whether this applies to pricing, content or design."

SubHub currently offers an exclusive 15% discount to members of RocketHub who are interested in building or revamping their company website. The discount code is RocketHub15. “Till Tuesday, January 31st, we offer members a special discount that is not available to the general public. SubHub offers several options to suit all budgets, so get in touch with us today and find out how SubHub can help you profit from your passion and assist you in growing your business. Be sure to sign up quick, as time is ticking and this offer is limited," says Hewlett.

Hewlett herself is a member of RocketHub. We asked her what it is that she uses RocketHub for most. “RocketHub provides me with an excellent platform for networking with fellow business professionals. I enjoy attending the events because I get to meet new people who are equally passionate about their jobs and who give me interesting insights into their business. Whether it's online through connection requests or in person at networking events, I'm always inspired by people's drive and thirst for knowledge. Just like my clients, fellow entrepreneurs inspire me to continue to grow."

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to build a subscription publishing business, an individual expert seeking to profit from your knowledge, or an organization seeking to better share information with members, SubHub can make it happen. Click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial membership.

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