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    Welcome to part 2 of the Three Days to a Better Blog series. If you missed the first part of this series, I suggest checking it out when you can:

    Part 1: How to Choose a Theme for your WordPress Blog Ready to to learn how to get clients to your blog? For the second part of this series this is what I am covering. Before we dive in there are two things that you need to note: Getting people to your blog is one thing, but attracting targeted clients to your blog is another.

    This was one of the BIGGEST mistakes that I made in the past with launching blogs.I figured as long as I was writing GOOD content that all would be well in the world. This is nottt the case. Writing good content is one thing. But writing TARGETED content is an entirely different one. Believe me….what you write matters!

    My First Attempt at Launching a Blog
    In 2013, I was bit by the "blogging bug". I was hocked up on dopamine from reading "blogging success stories" from around the web. Without a solid plan or strategy in place, I dived head first into writing blog content. I even managed to commit to a regular blogging schedule (3-4 days a week).

    The problem though was the content I published was random as heck.

    One day I was writing about outsourcing and the next I was writing about tech tools. When you are blogging with a purpose, "random acts of content" will not suffice. You have to be intentional about the content you create. Now: I did get a few things right with starting this blog.

    For example:

    #1: Opportunities were rolling in
    Brand partnership offers were rolling in left and right from companies that found me via the web. I was pitched to work on brand partnerships, asked to contribute to other blogs and asked to attend sponsored events.

    #2: I grew the blog to more than 100k visitors a month
    Thanks to a lot of high quality backlinks and great content, I grew this blog to 100k+ visitors a month. I could not have been more proud of this accomplishment…Because…Blogging is hard. Producing high quality content is harder. But, I was super proud of the content that I created for the blog and the number of high quality links that I was getting.

    #3: I was getting a lot of visibility
    More traffic = more visibility. Point.Blank.Period. Getting eyeballs to your blog is amazing. There is nothing more gratifying than to know that your blogging and content marketing efforts work. But again: All traffic is not created equal.

    I Decided to Close Down the Blog and Start Over
    I bet you are wondering: Why on earth would you close down a blog that was getting 100,000 + visitors a month to start a new one? The answer is simple…That old blog was not built on a good foundation. I didn't have a plan in place to grow the blog. No plans to sustain it. Even worse, I didn't have a strategy in place to attract the right clients to me. I.just.blogged…I promised myself that when I launched the YourChicGeek blog, I would launch it with a purpose.

    How to Get Clients and Use Your Blog for Customer Acquisition
    If you run a WordPress blog (or any blog for that matter) your framework needs to be built with a purpose. To use your blog for client attraction, here are a few things to do on your blog.

    Create an appealing giveaway geared for the kinds of clients you want to target
    Everybody's screaming to "create a lead magnet" because you need it to grow your email list. And this is true… But: Don't just put anything together.

    • You want to think through what the major challenges are that your target audience has
    • What keeps your ideal clients up at night
    • What is it that "frustrates" them the most

    Here's an example of a well thought out lead magnet from Boom By Cindy Joseph:

    This lead magnet is focused on helping women over 40 do their makeup. Do you see how targeted that is for a specific type of audience? Trust and believe that women over 40 struggling to do their makeup are going to opt in to get this freebie.

    Great Copy with A Clear USP (Homepage Headline and Subtext)
    Web copy matters. Unique Selling Propositions matter. When someone lands on your blog, they NEED to know they are in the right place. In Fire Up Your Framework's website copy that sizzles kit, creating irresistible homepage copy is a major focus. When I started putting together the changes for the updated blog for YourChicGeek.com, I wanted to make sure that:

    My blog's homepage headline gives visitors some insights on what I do, who I serve and what my blog helps them do. This what the blog first looked like before I updated it to a more conversion focused theme:

    Here's a screenshot of the blog using the Focus Blog themeby Thrive Themes and Thrive Content Builder:

    Since the site has been updated, my conversion rates have gone up! Woot Wooot!!!

    Write Benefit Driven and Targeted Blog Content
    Raise your hands if you've ever seen a great blog post title marketed online, clicked on the post to read it and were thinking… Ummm what the heck is this? I've been there plenty of times. I stated before that your content and blog posts need to be intentional to be effective. You can't just write any old thing. You HAVE to study your peeps and learn what makes them tick. And the content needs to be beneficial to them.Your visitors want to know "what's in it for them" and if your content isn't helping them, then they have no reason to stick around.

    Use Attention Grabbing Blog Headlines
    If you've been blogging for any length of time or you are getting started then know that "Headlines Matter". Your blog post "Headlines" will make or break whether or not:

    • Your content gets read
    • Whether or not your emails get opened…
    • If your landing pages convert….

    Headlines matter so much to me that they are the FIRST thing that I create for my blog posts. In fact, I usually create 5 variations of a headline, run them through the EMV headline analyzer and choose the one that stands out the most.

    Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    SEO — "Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh". I can feel you shaking your head asking…. Why do I need to do search engine optimization Kim? Well my friend, you gotta tell Google and the search engines how to find your content. Think about it this way:

    When you go to Google, what are you doing? Searching for information right?Well, one way to attract clients to your blog without paying for ads, is with search engine optimization. I use the YOAST SEO plugin to optimize my blog content for the search engines. If you don't understand how to do SEO, read my beginner's guide to SEO.

    How About You?
    Is your blog doing a great job of attracting clients? Or better yet do you have all of the items that I've covered in the post in place?

    Bottom line is, if you're serious about your success as a small business owner and Digital Marketer that runs a blog, then you need to check this out right now.


    Kim George

    Source: YourChicGeek

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