• Flying Blind: The Importance Of Website Metrics

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    Just about every business that needs a website has a website, right? But how many businesses monitor their web presence using website metrics tools?

    Web analytics tools give you realtime intelligence in how your website is being used. Information such as where your web visitors are geographically located, whether they came to your website directly or from another web link, how long they spent on each page, etc. can easily be mined and filtered.

    Analytics tools help refine your website's content. For example, if you know that it takes 30 secs to read a certain page of your website, but it turns out that most users click away from that page after 15 secs, then you're either boring them with the content, or they've decided that what you're saying is not for them.

    Web metrics services can also be a lead generation tools, as you can often trace back visitor details to corporate web servers.

    There are many web analytics services out there, and the best bit is that many of them are free. The KEXINO website uses Google Analytics, but there are many others such as Clicky and Mixpanel.

    Don't let your website be a glorified brochure. Get it to work for you.

    Source: KEXINO

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