• How To Prepare For The Next Recession

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    On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about the economy as small business owners are increasingly worried about the next great recession. We'll tell you what you need to know to prepare and when the next one might be due. Then, we'll show you how to handle poor customer service experiences so that one bad experience doesn't have major consequences. Plus, most small businesses want to sell more, but what is selling really about? We'll show you how self-persuasion is the ultimate selling technique. We'll also show you why it's so important to have a payroll service for your business as soon as you hire your first employee. Here's a preview: the government once shut my business down because I was not remitting payroll taxes in a timely manner! I don't want this to happen to you! Finally, I share how to get your small business unstuck.


    Segment 1: Dan Blatt is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Harvard Law School. He has been working for or writing about government agencies and policies for more than fifty years. He has probably had his hands on more parts of the belly of the government beast than anyone outside the General Accountability Office. He is the author of the book "Understanding the Great Depression and Failures of Modern Economic Policy: The Story of the Heedless Giant" (2016).

    1:30 – Should we be preparing for another recession?
    3:30 – Factors that lead to a Great Depression.
    5:15 – How do the Trump administration investigations affect the economy?
    6:30 – How can we expect the economy to behave under Trump's new economic policies?
    7:30 – How should small business owners prepare for a recession?
    9:00 – How to handle your cash flow to prepare for a recession.

    Segment 2: Phillipe Weiss leads Seyfarth Shaw at Work, the firm's dedicated compliance services and training subsidiary. He works with corporate executive teams and in-house legal/HR leaders to develop core value statements, compliance plans, media strategies and training initiatives.

    15:30 – Recent incidents involving treatment of customers and passengers have sent shockwaves through industries far beyond airlines.
    16:30 – Examples of companies receiving extreme backlash from customer incidents.
    18:15 – Why do bad customer experiences keep happening? How do you prevent them from happening?
    20:00 – It's impossible to avoid all mistakes; knowing how to resolve them is what's important.
    22:00 – The cost of making good on an upset customer's experience is negligible and yet it has extreme benefits!

    Segment 3: Harry Mills is an internationally acclaimed author and the founder and CEO of The Aha! Advantage, an international consulting and training firm. He is globally recognized as an expert on sales, negotiation, presentation and the marketing of professional services. Harry is the author of 15 business books covering business development, sales, negotiation and persuasion, which have been translated in 18 languages to reach his global audience.

    31:30 – How has the sophisticated buyer changed sales?
    32:00 – The two ways of selling, and why the seller hasn't evolved with the buyer.
    35:30 – The secret of selling.
    36:00 – How do you practice self-persuasion techniques?

    Segment 4: Lauren Myrick is the Head of Square Payroll, a solution designed specifically with small business owners in mind which enables them to easily and effectively run payroll. Lauren has more than 6 years experience in overseeing products at Square that meet the needs of small business owners.

    41:00 – What are some of the complicated elements new entrepreneurs may not be expecting as they start, run and grow their business?
    42:00 – What are some of the common payroll pitfalls or mistakes businesses make? Once you register as an employer, what are you responsible for?
    44:45 – What's the difference between hiring an employee and an independent contractor?
    46:15 – How payroll tools can help your business!

    Segment 5: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

    49:30 – Do any of these sound familiar?
    50:15 – How to take your business to the next level.
    51:30 – What's in the Unstuck course?
    52:25 – Special offer code.

    To learn more visit, www.barrymoltz.com/unstuck

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