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    As a RocketHub member and fellow entrepreneurial enthusiast, we know that creating the right connections and network is paramount to your individual and professional success. Because of this, we here at RocketHub are tremendously excited to present an exclusive  opportunity to you as one of our most dedicated members.

    We are proud to announce to you that we are joining forces with ASMALLWORLD to bring RocketHub members the opportunity to further expand their social networks with like-minded people and all of the many exciting ASW professional and lifestyle benefits as well  -- and very importantly, with guaranteed pre-approval for you as an RocketHub member (the acceptance rate into the ASW social network  is generally quite small).

    ASMALLWORLD was founded in 2004 as one of the first true social networks. It combines the traditions of a private country club with the innovative power of a digital platform to connect people, both online and more importantly, in real life. Today, ASMALLWORLD is an essential meeting point for global citizens from all corners of the world, like you.

    Today, ASMALLWORLD has over 30,000 members all around the world who are brought together by a shared passion for the good life, much like our community. By joining ASMALLWORLD, you will be able to further expand your network with like-minded people, in your home city, when travelling or at their over 1,000 events that they are hosting each year.

    ASMALLWORLD has strong community values where great people meet and provide mutual support to other community members. We love it when our members encourage and inspire each other to explore, share advice and knowledge, and help each other to live life to the fullest.

    In addition to the community and events, ASMALLWORLD also partners with many great brands so you can enjoy life just a little more. These member privileges include dozens of benefits including free hotel nights, status upgrades, VIP treatments and many more.

    Some of the amazing and exclusive benefits that you as an RocketHub member will receive  include:

    • 15% off all Business and First Class Flights from leading global carrier Etihad and its partners, and member-only ticket discounts and special amenities from other top airlines, excursions, and sailing adventures
    • Extraordinary hotel benefits like 25% off at all the cool array of Standard Hotels, room upgrades and amenities at Peninsula hotels, room upgrades/VIP status at Mandarin Oriental hotels around the world, and even more global hotel benefits
    • Special limousine and chauffeur car services like 15% off Carey International worldwide
    • Complementary Inspire membership in Small Luxury Hotels of the World
    • 30% off each and every membership plan from The World's Finest Clubs
    • VIP access to the Saatchi Art Advisory Program

    ...and much, much more.

    Normally to gain access to ASMALLWORLD, prospective members must be invited by another member go through a through vetting process, but as a valued RocketHub member, you are GUARANTEED approval if you join now via this post. To take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, please click here now.

    On behalf of both RocketHub and ASMALLWORLD, we welcome you to this new, exciting suite of benefits within a vibrant and growing community !

    Hope to see you at the next event !

    With all my best wishes for a joyful and prosperous future,

    Ronald de la Fuente

    Founder, RocketHub

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